Prof. Markus Roth

Markus Roth is a professor of law at University of Marburg, a position he has held since 2009 with the Institute for Commercial Law, Business Law and Labor Law. His main areas of research include Company and Partnership Law, Corporate Governance (with a focus on the supervisory board, including co- determination), private pensions (occupational pensions, insurance law, investment law), labor law, banking and capital markets law, private law, comparative law.

He is currently Secretary of the European Company Law Experts (2013­–).

Professor Roth co-Edited the fifth edition of the Commentary on the Stock Corporation Act (Großkommentar Aktiengesetz), 15 vols, responsible for the volumes on shareholder rights, management board, supervisory board, co-determination, European Company, Verlag Walter De Gruyter, Berlin (2014–).

His recent publications include:

European Company Law Experts (ECLE), A Proposal for the Reform of Group Law in Europe, in: European Business Organization Law Revue (EBOR), 2017, 1-49, mit Peter Böckli, Paul Davies, Eilis Ferran, Guido Ferrarini, José M. Garrido, Klaus J. Hopt, Adam Opalski, Alain Pietrancosta, Rolf Skog, Sstanislaw Soltysinski, Jaap Winter, Martin Winner, Eddy Wymeersch.

Corporate Boards in Germany, in Paul Davies, Klaus J. Hopt, Richard Nowak, Gerard van Solinge, (eds.), Corporate Boards in Law and Practice, Oxford University Press, 2013, pp 253–365.

Labor and Comparative Corporate Governance in Times of Pension Capitalism : Independent Directors, Shareholder Empowerment and Long-Termism: The Transatlantic Perspective, Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law 18 (2013) 751-820